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Papa Kotji

Gypsy Jazz Trio


Papa Kotji is gypsy jazz without so many frills. It's simple and raw. It's Papa Kotji. A Copenhagen gypsy jazz trio consisting of three experienced musicians who have found a gathering point on the jazz that Django Reinhardt almost has a patent for. Papa Kotji, however, is not a Django Tribute Trio, they want something else.

Papa Kotji is Andreas Ugorskij and Jacob Kolkur both on rhythm and lead
guitar, Jesper Lund Jakobsen on oversize bass balalaika. Ugorskij and Jakobsen
know each other from the band Klezmofobia, and the three musicians in Papa Kotji have played together for many years in different constellations and contexts.

Papa Kotji's debut album "Macho Drom" is released on vinyl and streaming.

- "...and it was stunning amazing! Full speed ahead on the two guitars and a terrific propulsion from the exotic instrument double-bass-balalaika". (Fride Jansson, Södermandlands nyheter). - "Here is no atemt to imitate Django Reinhardts french style and sound. Papa Kotji is completely itself with its crossover from gypsy jazz, klezmer and balkan music". (Jens Lohmann, Jazzspecial). - "It is simple and raw. A wonderful and impressive record right from the first track. Papa Kotji has a great sense of the details and it never gets clattering". (Niels Overgård - Jazznyt).

Present at Jazzahead!

Andreas Ugorskij

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