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Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh

A gentle jungle of young, Nordic jazz

In his compositions, Krogh examines the meeting between the composed and the improvised. Krogh comes up with clear compositional plans, but leaves a large degree of freedom to the musicians involved to interpret and come up with musical input within the framework of the compositions - and in that way to shape the music themselves through their respective strong musical expressions. The music is a melting pot of genres, and explores the intersection between the simple, the complex and the band as a musical unit.

Until Then is the latest album from guitarist/composer Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh. The album is a kind of spiritual sequel to the critically acclaimed album Whereabouts from 2020, and like its predecessor Until Then is published by April Records and will be released on October 20, 2023. The first single "How U Look" has already made a strong impression, and has been in the A -rotation on P8 Jazz.

As on Krogh's previous releases, he also surrounds himself this time with some of the country's top musicians: Anders 'AC' Christensen (Kira Skov, Jakob Bro and others), Jakob Høyer (The Raveonettes, Jakob Bro and others), Simon Toldam (Simon Toldam Trio, Efterklang and others), Lars Greve (formerly Girls In Airports, Resonerende Rum) and Victor Dybbroe (Girls In Airports). The album was created in close collaboration with producer Rasmus Juncker, who has previously worked with names such as Little North, Caktus, Anna Roemer and others.

“These instrumentalists all range as leading voices in their field today and Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh has been developing his personal and musical relationship with these stellar musicians for years. As a group they have a strong collective mindset – collaborating as a unit, while standing out as individuals, trusting their instincts and listening carefully at all times during the process to bring out the strongest form of interplay and collective listening in the performances of the group. This ambition, these explorations and the frame and format, created by Krogh, has developed a new ground for himself and has helped broaden the sonic vocabulary of the group and its repertoire in a beautiful fashion.” - Kasper Tranberg i sine liner notes til Until Then

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