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Richard Andersson U·Synlig Solo

Solo bass in the dark

When Richard Andersson lost his sight at the age of 14, he had to connect with the world in new ways. Music quickly became his favored form of expression and double bass his main instrument.

With U·synlig the audience is invited into the blind’s universe. In complete darkness the sensitive and expressive tones from Richard’s bass surround and fill the room with colors and light.

Richard’s album U·synlig was nominated in two categories at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2022.

“U·Synlig is in every sense exclusive and ambitious, remarkable, awe-inspiring and successful.” (Gaffa) “A strong project that really affects you.” (Salt-Peanuts) “Richard Andersson has made a strong artistic statement of the type that provides material to wonder, think and feel for much longer than the music lasts.” (Jazznyt)

Present at Jazzahead!

Richard Andersson

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