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Spöket i Köket

High-octane turbocharged reimagination of traditional Scandinavian folk music


Spöket in Köket distinguishes itself by being the only Scandi-French-Canadian cross-over Folk Bigband, consisting of ten young ambitious musicians with different backgrounds in both jazz, classical, rock and folk music. The band’s repertoire consists of old and new songs and tunes from both Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Québec and Cape Breton, ranging from melancholic ballads to feisty polskas and rousing reels.
With twenty instruments played by ten musicians, the energy is high and outgoing and the response is overwhelmingly positive wherever Spöket i Köket is performing. It is a high octane mix of instruments found in the Nordic folk tradition, backed by heavy accompainment and horn section, and ear hammering foot stomping.
The band started out in 2015, making a 20-concert tour in four weeks the first summer, and their first record ”Den nya spisen” (The new stove), netted them a nomination for newcomer of the year at the Swedish folk- and world music gala of 2017. 2019 saw the release of their second album ”Château du garage”, which not only landed good reviews and led to extensive touring, but also a nomination for best album at the Danish Music Awards 2019, as well as a nomination to band leader Nisse Blomster for best composer the same year.
In 2022 the trad-killer album “Kurbits & flames” came out, a small catastrophony that will leave nobody sitting still, or without a smile. Also, this summer of 2024, it will also be released on vinyl. Imagine having it on old, black plastic! Very welcome!

"The musicians all provided a solid performance on stage. What really was outstanding during the concert was the bands structure of the different compositions. It started out calmly with guitar and fiddle, only to soon thereafter incorporate all of the many instruments, culminating in an explosion of sound. It really was surprising and curious that classic, analogue instruments could create such a loud and baffling blare. Spöket i köket isn't just a band. It is a genuine orchestra." - Kenneth Tygesen, Bands of Tommorow, ★★★★☆

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Sacha Kjøller

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