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Viktoria Holde Søndergaard

What is going on? the world is burning!

Viktoria is a fearless, young and empathetic vibraphone player and composer.
She is mainly working with her quintet “Baryl” as a bandleader, but she also plays a lot as a side-women in many different projects and constellations. Most recently, Viktoria has performed with the legedary percussion player Marilyn Mazur at the Danish Music Award Show (2023) and in January 2024 she played as a soloist with the Danish radio Bigband.

"Viktoria Søndergaard takes chances and sets personal expressions without losing sight of the common musical goal. Her musical ideas appear future-proof and global. For everyone who experiences Viktoria Søndergaard live, it is crystal clear that a real jazz star is among us.” - Eva frost, head of Jazz Denmark (Award acceptance text from Tivoli's Jazz Prize 2022). She masters her rare and fascinating instrument the vibraphone in a way where concepts like age and talent become completely subordinate, because her way of communicating in music is universal and timeless. (Jury's motivation for awarding the Aarhus jazz talent prize 2022).

Present at Jazzahead!

Viktoria Holde Søndergaard

+45 30236083,

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