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Jazz Camp for Girls

Can jazz improvisation as a teaching method help reduce the unequal gender balance in music?

2014 - now

In 2012, the so-called ‘80/20 report’ was released. The report addressed the unequal gender balance, by concluding that women were only represented by 20% in the Danish music industry. In addition, the majority of the female musicians who were still active were typically singers. The purpose of Jazz Camp for Girls is to increase the number of female instrumentalists on the rhythmic music scene and thereby, help to further a more equal gender balance in the music industry.  


Jazz Camp for Girls has been taken place since 2014 and is a unique educational opportunity taking place during the winter holidays at music schools across the country for girls at the age of 10-15, who want to try working composition and improvisation, no matter the choice of instrument or previous experience. By creating a safe space through music, where the girls can practice and acquire new skills, we hope to increase the girls’ interest in playing and composing rhythmic music.

In 2020, the  EJN Board of Directors decided to award JazzDanmark for our achievements in the area of music and community:


“Congratulations to JazzDanmark! For many years, JazzDanmark has been recognized as a leader in best practice in the area of social inclusion, with a particular emphasis on gender balance in jazz. Via projects that address the specific topic of empowering women and girls to embrace jazz and by working across diverse, refugee communities, the EJN and the wider jazz community, recognize that JazzDanmark’s engagement with social inclusion is a role model, admired by institutions and organizations across Europe. JazzDanmark has created sustainable formulas that carry universal messages. By looking into the future and planting the seeds of creativity among the youngest members of different communities and societies, JazzDanmark’s legacy will be heard, seen, and felt way into the future."

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