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JazzDanmark's Jazz Network

Collective problem solving

2020 - now

In 2021 JazzDanmark launched four new jazz networks as the cornerstone of a new three-year project. The aim is to make project makers and concert organizers throughout the country even stronger in creating ambitious, innovative jazz experiences - for the enjoyment of audiences and musicians in all parts of Denmark. The many local actors of jazz will shape the activities and be at the core of the project, which is primarily funded by the Augustinus Foundation and initially runs for three years.


A strong network makes it easier to turn visions into reality

Sharing knowledge and networking is essential to succeed in high-quality music experiences, and we have recently seen a great boom in the jazz scene in all corners of Denmark. Therefore, JazzDanmark aims to build jazz networks in four places in Denmark, which can develop the jazz scene through sparring, knowledge sharing, competence development, strong collaborations, and financial support.


Exploratory meetings throughout the country

In the fall of 2021 and winter of 2022, JazzDanmark held a series of exploratory meetings around the country with over 130 participating members from the Jazz Network. At the meetings, the members presented the challenges and issues they face as project makers and jazz concert organizers.


How do we reach new target groups for our jazz projects and concerts?

A recurring theme in the first round of network meetings was the challenge of attracting and engaging new target groups. Based on this challenge, JazzDanmark presented a proposal by Karsten Bech from Jazz in Trekanten, who has had great success involving and attracting a new target group. Karsten shared his good experiences with Jazz in Trekanten's methods, answered questions, and gave feedback to the attending members. The young volunteers also shared their experiences at the network meetings.


Communication on Social Media

At our previously held network meetings in 2021 and 2022, communication through social media was a recurring theme. Therefore, this was the theme for two network meetings in the fall of 2022. JazzDanmark


Field trips for the network

The Jazz Network arranges field trips to different jazz actors in the network, where the rest of the network can gain insight into how this actor works, organizes itself, books, recruits, etc. The first field trip went to the venue Termansens in Ribe on November 29, 2022. Here, the network learned about the association behind the venue Termansens and the music association Jazzin’Ribe. Additionally, the day included a tour of the venue, dinner, networking, and two concerts.

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