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Nordic Jazz Comets

Showcasing Nordic jazz talents. Supported by Nordic Culture Foundation.

2000 - now


Nordic Jazz Comets is a long-term collaboration of the Nordic jazz organizations: FIH Music School, JazzDanmark, Jazz Finland, Norsk jazzforum and Svensk Jazz. The Nordic Jazz Comets began as a competition for young Nordic jazz musicians called Young Nordic Jazz Comets. Since then, the name has changed but the purpose remains the same: generating attention towards young Nordic jazz talents, creating an opportunity for them to present their music to a wide audience while also boosting their opportunities of touring in the North as well as the rest of Europe. 

From 2012, the profile of Nordic Jazz Comets went from being competition oriented to becoming a Nordic showcase and career-building project. And in 2017 the Nordic Jazz Comets showcase event focused on building networks and partnerships outside the Nordic countries, namely in Germany, Britain, and France. With the showcase format, the intention is to generate much attention from key players on the Nordic and international jazz scene as well as from the audience who will hopefully support the musicians in the future.

Featured Danish artists

Little North


Svaneborg Kardyb

I Just Came From the Moon

Alex Jönsson Trio

Dyrberg/Balvig/Nesheim feat. Kovacs


Musik Før Hemlösa

Crunch House

Røgsignal@Olivier Hoffschir_6.jpg
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