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The Streaming Service

Bettering the quality of danish jazz streams. Supported by Augustinus Foundation.

2020 - 2021

Since the beginning of June 2020, musicians and concert promoters have been able to borrow a complete video set-up for free and the professional help of a video technician through JazzDanmark’s project The Streaming Service.


The project was initiated, as a response to the rise in live streamed concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose was to help improve the quality of live streamed concerts by lending out streaming equipment for a complete portable studio and providing the musicians with a professional technician to help with the recording and adapting it to the online format. 


Besides enabling musicians and promoters to present live streamed concerts of high quality, the project was also an opportunity for artists and bands to optimize their press kit. 


During the summer of 2020 - a summer that was heavily affected by the lockdown in Denmark - the project had more than 400,000 viewers, who have watched over 40 Danish live streamed jazz concerts from all over the country.

Featured artists

The Moms

Nikolaj Hess Spacelab X Strings

Bjørn Ingelstam Quartet

Doctor Django and his Nurses

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