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The Danish Jazz Competition

Four bands, three rounds, two finalists and one winner

2019 - now

The Danish Jazz Competition focuses on the development of young jazz musicians by giving them the opportunity to play live gigs at some of Denmark's best venues, receive professional feedback on their music, and the opportunity to be exposed on national radio. 


Four bands are selected to play in the first round whereafter three bands are through to the next round and the next venue. In the second round, the jury, consisting of music industry professionals, will decide which two bands will go on to the finale. Prior to the finale, the two finalists will have the opportunity to record new material, receive coaching on their performance, and be played on the national jazz radio channel - P8 Jazz.


The winner of the competition will receive 10,000 DKK, as well as the opportunity to play at the Danish jazz festivals. 

Since participating in the competition, the winners of 2019 and 2020 have enjoyed much success and played several sold-out gigs at some of the biggest venues and festivals in Denmark.

Winners of The Danish Jazz Competition
2020: Emil Savery Trio

2019: Svaneborg Kardyb

The Danish Jazz Competition is a collaboration between JazzDanmark and the venues; Jazzhouse Montmartre in Copenhagen, Jazz6000/Godset in Kolding, Huset in Aalborg, Dexters in Odense and with financial support from Gangstedfonden.

Featured Artists

Kosmos Trio (2023)

Aske Stubkjær (2023)

Köz (2023)

Baryl (2022)

David Miilman Group (2022)

Tigeroak (2022)

Woodhouse (2022)

Xhud (2021)

Metroscope (2021)

Svaneborg Kardyb (2020)

Emil Savery Trio


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