Thomas Sejthen Trio

Minimalistic expression and intense organic jazz

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Thomas Sejthen Trio was formed in 2018, and has a minimalistic expression and intense interaction as a trademark along with the love of improvising. 
In this context, the trio plays compositions by TS. The music is a mix of inspiration from Thelonious Monk ́s quirky universe and the traditional trio sound, to thoughtful ballads, where calm and melancholic soundscapes merge in a unity, all played with presence and nerve like one breath.

A modern version of the classic jazz trio.

Thomas Sejthen: bass
Mads Ole Erhardsen: tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Jesper Bo Knudsen: drums

"Thomas Sejthen plays with an exceptional concentration and intensity. He is steady, reliable and clear. Fluffy bass notes are avoided. He plays what is necessary and when he does, he expresses much more than most people do with twice as much"

- Niels Overgård, Jazznyt