The Asia Project

3 years' focus on Danish jazz musicians touring in East Asia. Supported by Augustinus Foundation.

For more than a decade, JazzDanmark has had a continuous focus on East Asia’s constantly expanding music market. 

Our previous projects in the region have been very successful and motivated us to start The Asia Project, which was launched in 2019. A 3-year project, running from 2019-2022, for musicians, who have already been touring in the region and wish to further strengthen their presence in China, Japan, and South Korea.

Every year, three orchestras are selected to receive a tailored 2-year career-promoting course, focusing on the three East Asian countries. The aim of the project and the course is that the musicians will come out with a stronger network and experiences allowing them to maintain a viable career in the East Asian market. The participating orchestras are selected through a process of annual open-calls and an international jury consisting of jazz industry professionals from the three countries. 

The project runs from 2019-2022. 

Featured artists

Johanna Elina Sulkunen

Horse Orchestra

Jakob Bro Solo

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen

Sinne Eeg


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